Monday, November 1, 2010

hmm, so this is a kinda shit FR but i like telling of my adventures with my friend. 

We get to Alhambra at about 11:30 and fucking god was the line long. when i saw it took an hour to get in, i mean we got in at 12:40. In the line we were getting restless and just started talking to everyone in line, there was a 9 and a 3 infront of us. the 9 was fucking adorable, i would probably take 10 years off my life to fuck her. 5 years, lets not go crazy now. Anyway my mate started talking to her so being the friend i am i decided to occupy the 3 for a little while. it sucked, really sucked. she looked like the came straight from the 80's but had been hit by about 5 trains on the way. she wore a fucking white and grey checked suit coat. the worst part was she was keen, i was just monotone the whole time hating myself for wasting time with her because i never wing. i hate it, and dont expect anyone to wing for me.

So after half hour of her boring shit and seeing my friend making out with the 9 i got more jealous and then started listening to these guys try pickup the girls behind me in line by saying how much they love gossip girl and the OC etc. this angered me. I turned around and said "man, you're not doing yourself any favours by trying to like gossip girl just to impress these ladies. it isnt going to work, and besides, no one can liek those shows. they're shit"

"this guy doesnt respect me" - he says
"of course i dont fuck, do you want to hug it out?"

at this point the girls are giggling and the 2 guys notice i have a star tattoo on my wrist and a nose piercing and think it will be a good time to start calling me gay.

"well im obviously not fucking gay, i have a video on my phone of a chick giving me a blowjob and me giving her a facial."

"haha sure you do" - challenge accepted.

i get my phone out and show the group of 2 guys and 2 girls my junk in all its glory blowing ropes all over the girls face. my friend sees me doing this while with his girl and starts giggling.

A bit of small talk about them not believing its me and then me pointing my tattoo out in the movie then we're finally inside and i ditch them all. An hour later and the 2 girls are sitting in a booth and point at me saying "look its the video guy"

its on, i start with the uglier brunette but notice that the blonde is fucking amazingly hot. i want her so bad. i just stop talking to the brunette and start with blonde, she took aaaages. she had bad body language, wasnt looking me in the eye but told me to come with her to the couches. ive been talking to her for seriously 30 minutes - i never take this long to kiss a girl and i tell her that. she giggles and keep looking away, im starting to think im wasting my time but i say some line about how she is fucking adorable and an exact replica of the girl form the notebook (she really is) which makes her shy and i kiss her.

Im kissing her on the couch for prolly an hour, but my friends girl left him because the ugly 3 wasnt being distracted. he was pissed, i would be too. anyway, the club ugly lights come on at 4 am. i keep kissing her for a bit before finally leaving her without trying to take her home because i was staying on my mates bedroom floor. i dont think i could have gotten her home anyway.

My life mission right now is to have her. shes the most gorgeous little girl ive seen in a long time. but there lies my problem, i will never want to get rid of her.

My friend is also winning with his girl. her saying "next time we meet, im all yours" or something along those lines. im truly jealous of him the fucker.

anyway, so ive come up with a theory that my showing girls my dick on video can only help. im 2 from 2 so far with showing girls the video and then hooking up with them. lets see if i can make it 3 from 3 tonight? shitty FR, but i havent been out since thursday. sue me.


  1. chicks love dick
    end of story

  2. Bro haven't you violated the cardinal rule of PUA - i.e. don't come down with a case of one-itis?

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