Sunday, October 31, 2010

When i drink i tend to be over confident. this is how it backfired.

So i was meant to be working last night from 7-10 (shit shift i know) and then after work the BJ video girl was meant to be staying over. but at 6:45 work called me and said dont worry about coming in, its quiet. "TO THE FOX I GOOO" i yell in the phone to the manager and by 8pm im at my friends house and shortly after on the way to the fox.

we get to the fox and my friend had seen "get him to the greek" aaaages ago but i only just saw it and finally appreciated the "awrite luv" line. so every girl i saw "awrite luv" they didnt like it. i did. fuck them for not having a sense of humour. the drinking begins. i forget that BJ girl - lets call her V, is meant to be coming over and im starting to get drunk. oops, oh wells i prefer new meat anyway. My friend sees his fake titted fuck buddy (V's close friend i should add, what are the odds?) and we go say hi. she asks if im matt because V has told her a lot about me. 

She has 4 hot friends, i systematically over the course of the night try to pick all 4 up but fake tits tells them no and is getting mad at me. so we go upstairs and while waiting for a drink at the bar some random dude comes up to me and says,

 "see the blonde at the bar, she wants to get to know you better"

"fuck her, tell her to come over here" (we were convinced he didnt know her) 

i then catch eye contact with her and give her a smile, she gives a ridiculously cute one back and its on. i walk over and say "you cant just look at me like that and not come say hi, im matt" she said "im sorry i had to wait and get my drink"

"dont worry about it, if you werent so fucking cute id be mad" 

i then kissed her and it was definitely on.  one of my fastest pickups thus far. 2nd fastest to be exact, got the kiss in under a minute and she would be close to the hottest girl ive picked up. anyway, im hooking up with her for a fair while, picking her up wrapping her legs around me. I tell her i need to get a photo for my collage of me making out with her :

(Deleted - No pics of girls please :P -Dex)

shes grinding against my dick and this is where i fuck up. At this point i should have grabbed her hand and left. but i was out with my best mate and for some reason i keep thinking bro's before ho's. turns out he thought id already left with her and didnt care :@. he finds me and meets the girl and we go to the bar, shes still grinding my dick while at the bar so i turn to my friend and say "should i finger her on the bar?" he just looked at me stupidly because we both knew the answer. i start rubbing her clitoris at the bar, she slows down and is still rubbing against me. i show my friend the task being completed (yeah i was bragging, who cares) we get drinks and then out of nowhere her other friends say their lift is here and try to drag her away. i tell her to stay with me tonight, she says she has to go but will talk to me later and gives me a kiss good bye. it was 100% my fault, i know i could have fucked her earlier but stayed around with my friend and the window of opportunity closed. i will fuck her tho, ive been messaging her today and its still most definitely on.

Anyway, that was when i was playing serious, afterwards is where my drinking backfired. 

we go upstairs and i see a 6 that has a really cute face but a tiny bit bigger than girls i usually talk too. im drunk i figure so its fine. i grab her and start playing the game as per usual and then i see Ari and tell him infront of the girl he has to see my BJ video. she hears this and isnt impressed and tries to walk away but i try to grab and say comeon, where you goin, you have to see it too. she was gone. meh.

I see a picture of ari's dick and then show him a video of my dick. dick for all.

At this point V is messaging me because she was meant to come over. i was like FUCK and just gave my phone to my friend to deal with her.

we go back downstairs and find fake tits and her friends, the 1 remaining friend that i hadnt tried to pickup was there so in i went. it was on, very on. but then fake tits grabbed her friend and said NO do not get with him. fuck. so i then started talking to fake tits and she was asking me why im such a player

"because i can have any fucking girl i want"

"i like the confidence, but really why?"

i grab her and tell her she knows she wants me and thats why shes pissed off with me because im picking up her friends. My friend is currently fucking this girl and is just sitting there trying not to laugh because she is getting angry at me.

"whered you're hot friend go, i must have her"

"matt, just dont. shes been screwed around by one too many guys"

"whats 1 more then?"

she then tells me that V really likes me and i say WTF she saw me hooking up with other girls and saw my take a girl home.

i say something again about where is your fucking friend. shes mine tonight. this doesnt please her. so i say fuck this im going upstairs for new meat. i go up there and its pretty dead so i come back down only to find fakies pissed off with my friend (because of me) i tell them im going to sleep in my car.

2 mins later my friend comes n gets me and tells me that he will never get to fuck her again because hes guilty by association. she really didnt like me. im convinced he can still get her back. anyway, we get home and i decide its time to fix things with V. this is how it went.

This is the convo over the entire night. this is not how to woo a lady via text.

incase you're wondering. thats a picture of my balls. 

This is not how to play the game properly, im more interested in being funny than getting bangs, but at the same time still get bangs. 

thats my story from last night. kinda boring. meh.

i should add, this method of being overly arrogant / cocky works. and works well. but only on sluts as Ari pointed out and i agree with. nice girls hate me, party girls like me. but since all i want right now is emotionless sex this is the right kind of game for me. It works fast, or you get blown out fast. no need to fuck around wasting time on girls going nowhere. but you need strong inner game, i get rejected a shitload but dont give a fuck because i know im the man and that someone hotter will come along.


  1. You are close to becoming my hero.

  2. mine too :D
    definitely! awesome stuff dude :D

  3. you sir are awarded one million interwebs!

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