Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last night after going to the movies with RichoTB, Drama and MrYano we went to the fox, i was drinking, my first time in 3 weeks. Anyway, i get a text from a girl i picked up the previous week asking where i am and that i should come to the normanby. My best friend saw this and grabbed my phone promising that hilarity ensues.

"your ass would look good on my cock" is how he replied. i laughed at this and didnt tell her it wasnt me. anyway she still told me to come to the normanby so after having some more fun and completely writing myself off i decided that i did in fact want to fuck her. so i went to the normanby and she asked about the message and i said "That was my friend messaging you, but i will still fuck you" (for some reason last night in my drunken state i decided that to get a snl i needed to tell every girl that i was going to fuck them, within a minute or two of talking to them, this didnt work)

One thing lead to another with her and i took her home, round one was all well and good but my condom had broken without my noticing and i blew my load right on in there. this should have given off warning bells that tonight wasnt going to go well. Round two time, she was ontop riding me and i decided i wanted to dominate her so i picked her up and forced her on her back while still fucking her. At which point she was trying to kiss me and her head smashed into my forehead and she chipped the fuck out of her tooth. She is american and needless to say had perfect teeth, now i chipped the fuck out of it and she looks like a common whore. 

I call my best friend at 3am many many times telling him of my fails, but this fail was so good that i decided to get the girl to call him and tell him what happened while i laughed in the background. Looking back on the situation i probably shouldnt have laughed at her fucked up tooth, and in the future, if the girl wants to ride me, il just let her ride me.

Pic for proof ;)


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