Sunday, October 31, 2010

So, i made my first facial video.

My best friend and I are kinda competitive when it comes to picking up and out doing each other. It started when i recorded the Orgasm Ringtone with the girl i wrote a FR about "Some girls just dont understand". Anyway, for those who havent read that basically i recorded a girl having an orgasm and turned it into a ringtone, then i showed it to my best friend and we started talking about all the possibilities of recording ourselves.

We decided that we would get spycams, but then a bit later we decided that we would just put video camera's at the end of our beds and just see what the girls said.

Then, Last wednesday night to 1-up me my friend video;d himself blowing on a girls tits and fuck was i jealous. We decided there was a list of things that were better, one being recording a facial, then the ultimate thing to record was giving a facial while saying "im the greatest pirate hunter in the world" - the line from Pirates. Much giggling was had at the thought of how epic the video would be.

So, in an attempt to win the game on sunday night while getting a BJ i pulled my camera out only for the girl to say no and make me put it away. FUCK i thought, i wanted to win. there is no way i could let him out do me. later in bed with the girl i randomly start giggling because im thinking about the awesomeness that could have been. She asks me whats up and i tell her the whole story about the game and all and she just laughs at how weird it is. Then said i should have gotten her drunk and it would have happened "pfft, you dont need to be drunk" was my reply.

She leaves and later im telling my mate about how i tried to win, and that when i invite her over again i swear to god il beat him. This is where the race begins.

I shouldnt have told him, because then straight away he starts messaging the girl he made his video with and tells her the whole story and starts making plans to get her over that night (last night). and i think FUCK and start messaging my girl like crazy saying she needs to come over etc. she is reluctant and i bribe her with spoons. she says shes 30 minutes away but my friends girl is 2 blocks away. i start getting nervous because he shows me parts of the convo where she is keen to come over and i am almost sure that im going to lose. Alas, 10 mins before my girl arrives his girl decides against the idea and then i start talking to Ari and Dex on FB telling them of the race for a few mins before she arrives. She gets here, i try to make the video right away but she isnt keen so after a few episodes of entourage and a glass or 2 of vodka its on.

"im the greatest pirate hunter in the world" as im blowing ropes all over her face on camera. as soon as im done i change my facebook status to confirm to my friend that ive completed the task as well as call him but as i call him to tell him on the other end of the phone i get a depressed friend.

 Other reasons ruined my fame and now i sit there on the couch naked feeling depressed knowing my mate is in his house down on himself because of fucking whores. I tell my girl that she has to leave so i can go be with my friend but she said she cant because shes been drinking. Fuck.

So here i am, the greatest pirate hunter in the world. Fame cut short by a depressed friend and i was stuck here on the other side of brisbane not being able to go hang with him.

my greatest moment and i couldnt share it.

But, this is only the beginning, many more races will happen. the motivation caused by something liek this is amazing.